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Home insurance policies provide cover against damage to the property with additional option to ensure contents inside the property. Unauthorized entry and accidents that may occur at home can also be covered under this insurance policy.

Benefits of Home Insurance

The following are the main benefits of having a Home Insurance:

  • Complete peace of mind regarding your property.
  • Emergency repairs.
  • Replacement of personal property.
Main Features of Home Insurance

The main features of home insurance are as under :

  • Standard coverage against explosion or fire, theft, attempted burglary, damage due to natural disasters, and compensation for damage to property or contents within, due to vehicular accidents.
  • Covers for valuables inside the property.
  • Expense cover for alternate accommodation for up to one year.
  • Presence of burglar or smoke alarm or other security measures help homeowners to get discount on their home insurance.
  • The cover is available for both self-owned and rented properties.
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